Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review--Hot and Bothered by Crystal Green

On the dusty outskirts of Vegas, there’s a down and dirty saloon where all sorts of lethally charming—and genuinely dangerous—men carouse to seduce the women who happen to venture inside on their way to and from Sin City.

Despite the many women he’s bedded over the years, Gideon Lane has never been able to get Rochelle Burton completely out of his head. He certainly never expected to see the city girl again, now a successful author, all grown up in all the right places and asking for his protection.

After their disastrous night together, Rochelle was determined to put Gideon—and the things he made her want—far behind her. But when an obsessive fan expresses their anger over her latest book in a disturbing way, Rochelle’s overprotective cousins insist she hire the best bodyguard the Rough & Tumble saloon can offer.

Both Rochelle and Gideon intend to keep their relationship strictly professional, but when the threat to Rochelle puts them in close quarters , Gideon can’t help wanting the chance to prove that some things are better the second time around…

Hot and Bothered was the not the typical book and it was a good book to read. . When we meet Rochelle we learn that he life is not what everyone thinks. She's simply alone and lives that type of life. Being in the spotlight only bring more misery to the life that she has. Circumstances bring her to Gideon, an old..."flame." 
Gideon was known as a playboy but his hidden secrets show you a different side of him. There are reasons for the things that he does and did. His heart is big and his love is so much bigger but life held him back from giving someone that love.
 I absolutely loved Gideon. He was a protector by trade but also by choice to those he genuinely cared about. I enjoyed watching him make Rochelle see who she really was and learn more about herself. He was truly her better half. 
Rochelle grew on me but I learned more about her through the character she wrote about. Her life was a loving one but she also missed out on the "real" family love that she needed. Rochelle was able to help Gideon through a hard time in his life that he needed to let go. 
Their HEA was hard to get but once the wheels were in motion, neither of them were going to stop until they got what they wanted.

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