Thursday, March 20, 2014

{March Madness} BOOK BOYFRIEND EDITION!!! ~Round 1


It's that time for a match down between our favorite book boyfriends!
We want to get the top babe in each category and we need your help finding them!!!

There will be 16 HOT & SEXY BABES in each category, 4 rounds and ONE WINNER per category!

TO MAKE THIS INTERESTING, we are pairing up some bad ass babes to fight against each other! 

There are 6, YES SIX, categories! Help us find the ultimate bad boy or babe in each!


In the final round, in each category, we will have a GIVEAWAY for one ebook from each category for all you fabulous babes to enter, ie if Christian is going against Gideon, the winner of the category will be giving away a book from their series!!!! This gives you babes a chance to win a book from one of our fabulous men and get to know them if you haven't already and it gives you the chance to add to your collection if you have had this baby on your wishlist!! 

Rounds will go as follows!

ROUND 1- March 20 - March 23
ROUND 2- March 24 - March 27
ROUND 3- March 28 - March 31
ROUND 4- April 1 - April 5



(vote below in the polls)
Our 16 Bikers are: Cole "Deuce" West, Cage West, Kane "Tack" Allen, Cole Austin, Cash/Nash Davenport, Dex Locke, Parker "Shy" Cage, Braxxon Breaker, Cade Duke, Marcus "Horse" McDonnell, Dragon, Jason Reilly, Skylar, Dax Jamison, Austin Sparks, & Colton Lyon

Deuce VS. Shy
(The Undeniable Series by Madeline Sheehan & Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley)
Braxxon VS. Dex
(Seize Me by Crystal Spears & Under Locke by Mariana Zapata)

Cash/Nash VS. Skylar
(Down to You by M. Leighton & Mirage by Ashley Suzanne)
Horse VS. Dragon
(Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde & Craving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn)

Cade VS. Cole
(Hell's Knights by Bella Jewel & Outlaw by Nicole James)

Tack VS. Cage
(Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley & Undeniable Series by Madeline Sheehan)

Jason VS. Austin
(Storm by Nina Levine & Losing Me, Finding You by C.M Stunich)

Dax VS. Colt
(Lyon's Crew by Jordan Silver & Satin and Steel by Jayna Vixen)


Our 16 B&M Babes are: Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Ethan Blackstone, Gavin Blake, Marcus DeLuca, Nicholas Ryan, Jack MacLachlan, James Cavendish, Bennett Ryan, Jesse Ward, Drew Evans, Damien Stark, Archer Bancroft, Connor Black, Lucien Knight, and Sebastian Lock

Christian VS. Jesse
(FSOG by E.L. James & This Man Series by Jodi Ellen Malpas)

Drew VS. Bennett
(Tangled Series by Emma Chase & Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren)

James VS. Ethan
(In the Air Series by R.K. Lilley & The Blackstone Series by Raine Miller)

Gideon VS. Damien
(The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day & Complete Me Series by J. Kenner)

Lucien VS. Gavin
(Knight & Play by Kitty Thomas & Collide Series by Gail McHugh)

Connor VS. Marcus
(Forever Series by Sandi Lynn & Disastrous Series by E.L. Montes)

Sebastian VS. Jack
(Locked by Maya Cross & Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates)

Archer VS. Nicholas
(Crave by Monica Murphy & The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst)



Our 16 rockstars are: Kellan Kyle, Jake Wethers, Lucas Wolfe, Brian Sinclair, Sed Lionheart, Liam Page, Jude Delacroix, Gabe Hyde, Roy Sykes, Trey Mills, David Ferris, River Wilde, Jake Slater, Noel Falcon, Drake Allen and Leo Nash!!

Kellan VS. Brian
(Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens & The Sinner Series by Olivia Cunning)

Lucas VS. Jake
(Consumed by Emily Snow & Wethering the Storm by Jake Wethers)

Liam VS. Jude
(Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin & Alluring Turmoil by Skye Turner)

Gabe VS. Jake
(Toxic by Rachel Van Dyken & Runaway Heart by Katie Ashley)

Leo VS. River
(Rock With Me by Kristen Proby & Connected by Kim Karr)

David VS. Noel
(Lick by Kylie Scott & Rock the Heart by Michelle Valentine)

Trey VS. Sed
(Double Time by Olivia Cunning & Rock Hard  by Olivia Cunning)

Roy VS. Drake
(Who I Am by Shanora Williams & The Torn Series by K.A. Robinson)



Our 16 badboys are: Travis Maddox, Nash Davenport, Jack Carter, Arsen, Remington "Remy" Tate, Jonah Slade, Seth Marc, Hemi Spencer, Rule Archer, Wes Michels, Jack Howard, Carter Reed, Quinton "Q" Mercer, Rhage, Wrath, and Knight Sebring!!

Travis VS. Jack
(Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire & The Game Series J. Sterling)

Remy VS. Seth
(Real Series by Katy Evans & Consumed Series by Skyla Madi)

Hemi VS. Jonah
(All the Pretty Lies by M. Leighton & Fighting For Flight J.B. Salisbury)

Knight VS. Carter
(Knight by Kristen Ashley & Carter Reed by Tijan)

Rule VS. Jack
(Rule by Jay Crownover & Avoiding Series by K.A. Linde)

Wes VS. Cash/Nash
(Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken & Down to You by M. Leighton)

Rhage VS. Wrath
(Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward)

Q VS. Arsen
(Monsters in the Dark Series by Pepper Winters & Arsen by Mia Asher)


Boy Next Door!!

Our 16 Boy Next Doors are: Liam, Evan Allen, Logan Kash Ryan, Brooks Valentine, Jared Holt, Danny, Beau, Noah, Jesse Hunt, Logan Kade, Blake Morgan, Ridge Lawson, Channing Southerland, Titus, Micah Scott, and Will Cooper.

Evan VS. Beau
(Evolve Series by S.E. Hall & The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines)

Brooks VS. Jared
(Love Suicide by Jenn Foor & Come to Me Quietly by A.L. Jackson)

Kash VS. Ridge
(Lies Series by Molly McAdams & Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover)

Jesse VS. Danny
(Broken & Screwed by Tijan & That Boy Series by Jillian Dodd)

Micah VS. Titus
(The Secret Series by Jessica Sorenson & Falling Behind by Dee Avila)

Blake VS. Will
(Running on Empty by L.B. Simmons & Slammed Series by Colleen Hoover)

Liam VS. Noah
(Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kristy Mosely & Running in Place by L.B. Simmons)

Channing VS. Logan
(Make Me by Amanda Heath & Fallen Crest Series by Tijan)


New Adult & Young Adult Sweethearts!!!

Our 16 YA/NA Sweethearts are: Will Cooper, Jesse Walker, Gunner Matthews, Sawyer Becket, Chase Grayson, Dane Kendrick, Rush Finlay, Mason Kade, Carmine DeMarco, Dean Holder, Jude Ryder, Jesse Daniels, Micha Scott, Andrew Parrish, and Lucas Maxfield!

Will VS. Jesse
(Slammed Series by Colleen Hoover & Near and Far Series by Nicole Williams)

Gunner VS. Sawyer
(Wanted Series by Kelly Elliot & Evolve Series by S.E. Hall)

Chase VS. Evan
(Taking Chances by Molly McAdams & Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan)

Dane VS. Rush
(Evolve Series by S.E. Hall & Too Far Series by Abbi Glines)

Mason VS. Carmine
(Fallen Crest Series by Tijan & Sempre by J.M. Darhower)

Dean VS. Jude
(Hopeless by Colleen Hoover & Crash Series by Nicole Williams)

Jesse VS. Micha
(Ties Series by K.A. Robinson & The Secret Series by Jessica Sorenson)

Lucas VS. Andrew
(Easy by Tammara Webber & The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski)


  1. Thank you for this awesome contest.

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    1. Carmine is from the Sempre series by JM Darhower...he is lush!!!

  3. You should also include the book titles

  4. I Agree, Book Titles To Jog My Memory! Lol...Great Fun, Thanks!

  5. Book titles would have be awesome!

  6. Please include the book titles to jog our memories.

  7. All book titles are under contestants now!!! :)

  8. In the millionaires and billionaires section Marcus deluca is in 2polls, Sebastian vs Marcus and Connor vs Jack (Marcus having a button instead of Jack). I know it probably will count for Jack anyway but you know theirs always haters out there who will complain and say it's unfair and all that.

  9. Jack Henry (Beauty from Pain) isn't even listed. The name in his spot is from a totally different book and author.

  10. Mistake is fixed. Jack McLachlan from Beauty from Pain is in his rightful place. :)

  11. Love them all so it was hard to choose. Thank you

  12. Hard to choose in some categories!!!

  13. Wow there were some really tough ones!! It broke my heart to choose! Plus its just plain dirty to put Rhage and Wrath and Trey and Sed up against each other! Come on!! :)

    1. I agree!! How can u possibly choose between any of the brothers. They are each bad ass in thier own way.

    2. I agree!!! It's impossible to choose between the BDB guys.

  14. Before Now (Sometimes Never series)by Chreryl McIntyre (Park Reed)" Rockstar"
    Fearless (Samantha Smiths story series) by Devon Hartford (Christos Manos) "Bad Boy"

  15. Thanks although I loved most do that was hard!!

  16. I love the match ups! Some of the choices are very difficult! Can't wait to see who wins each category!!

  17. Wow hpw to choose some of those! Xxxx

  18. Jude! Oh my gosh, why isn't he winning! I love him so much!

  19. Love this, voted for all my favorites :)

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  22. While I like college basketball, I much prefer this bracket. :) Thanks