Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hopping around for the Holidays with Tijan! ~ Special Scene

There was Carter...

and Logan..

and Mason...

and Jesse....





Tijan we need more! :) 

In the meantime, Crazy, Chaotic Book Babes is proud to present to you...... as a part of Tijan's Blog Holiday Hop, a special piece of an extra special scene featuring some of your favorite Tijan characters. We are thrilled to be apart of this and man can I just say it's awesome to get a little anything extra mixed with a little Kade... 

Buckle down, get ready and here we go!


(For the portion of the scene before this, please visit our friends, Prisoners of Print)

She swatted the back of her hand to his chest again and strode forward.
She ignored him and started scanning the table. “You got any cake left? Here.” She grabbed a chair from the wall and waved at Logan. “Can you scoot down? We can make room.”
A second chair was brought over by a staff member. He handed it to Jax, who was eyeing the guy Dale had sat down next to. Both guys stared at the other. Dale was impervious. A piece of cake was brought over and she dug in. “Man. This is delicious. We dont get food like this at home. My brother buys the cheap gas station cake.” She cringed. “No offense to gas stations across the country, but they really need to clean out their bakery sometimes. I once had a piece that could bounce off the cement. My other brother Dylan and I used that cake to draw a big penis for my older brothers parking spot. He wasnt too happy when he saw it.”
Jax was still staring at Logan, beside Dale, and he finally asked, “Are we going to have a problem?”
Logan was scrutinizing him. He remembered the girl saying this guy was an underground fighting champion, but damn, the chick was hot. He and Kris were on the outs… Then he could feel Sams anxiety from his other side. He knew what she was thinking. He would take on the guy, but the girl would probably jump in. She seemed like a fighter herself and that would mean Sam would have to represent. He knew Sam was doing the math. This girl, even if she looked like she was clueless half the time, she wasnt. She was a bounty hunter. She could handle herself.
The girl is his, anyway, Logan told himself and he shook his head. “Nah, man. Your name is Jax, huh?”
“Yeah.” The guy sat down, folding himself into the seat in a way that showed off his athleticism. He wasnt scared either. He was just watchful. Like the girl, Logan realized, this guy liked to portray a ‘clueless’ attitude too, but he wasnt. He knew good and well his girl was a keeper.
Logan grinned at him. “Another time. Another day. Id try my hand.”
They were still talking about the girl.
She was still distracted and she noticed that Jax hadnt touched his plate. “If youre not eating it, I will.” She didnt wait. She dug in, then paused. The fork was mid-air for her mouth and she noticed the looks between the two guys.
“Oh.” She lowered the fork back down, then did her own assessment of Logan.
He turned his stare so it was smack dab on her, and he had the beginning of a cocky grin starting at the corner of his mouth.
The girl didnt blink. She wasnt fazed. She only shook her head and went back to the cake. “Not a chance, buddy. I have my hands full enough with this one.” She pointed her fork at Jaxon.


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