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4 Star Review--Kiss by a Demon Spy by Sharon Kay

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Kidnapped as a teen and forced into a life of sexual slavery, Garnet vowed long ago to do whatever she could to spare others her fate. When karma comes full circle with an offer of freedom for her and her young son, she jumps at the chance. 

Masquerading as a village innkeeper, Aden keeps his espionage work secret from the gentle pixies he lives among. Using his skills to prevent a group of vicious demons from attacking the innocent, his world is draped in mist, shadow, and danger. 

Steeped in shame, Garnet is loath to share her past with Aden. But Aden senses a sweet, loyal strength in her that no amount of horror can erase. His dangerous work is the opposite of the stability Garnet craves. Yet Aden’s patience and strength make him the hero she never had. When the enemy targets them, Garnet and Aden realize that honesty is the truest form of courage.


He still didn’t have a shirt on. Garnet listed the rest of her menu ideas, but she was only half paying attention to anything but his well-defined muscles. They bunched and flexed with each—Yelping, she missed the last step and stumbled forward.

Aden whirled and caught her. “Whoa. You okay?” He held her closely, one arm around her waist and one gripping her bicep.  “Yes.” The smooth skin of his chest was inches away. She licked her lips, dying for a taste of him. Her heart hammered in her chest. Slowly, she raised her eyes, moving up to his neck, his square stubbled jaw and full lips, before stopping at his molten silver gaze.

That look again. Like he wants to devour me. But he didn’t move. Didn’t pull her closer, or let her go. He was so much bigger than she, a tower of dark strength. A protector. An ache started low in her belly and the need to push away her past rode her hard. Still holding his gaze, she leaned in and pressed her mouth to his broad pecs.
Aden’s vision went black at the gentle touch of Garnet’s lips, and when she moved along his muscles, licking with her tiny tongue, he groaned. He knotted a hand into her thick dark hair, holding her in place. Her mouth was hot, her lips skilled. Fuck. He dropped his head back and let her sweet scent surround him.

Lavender…and a distinctly feminine perfume. Garnet was turned on. The spicy-sweet fragrance of her arousal mixed into the lavender and curled its way into his mind, destroying every thought that wasn’t about her tight little body.

“F***, baby.” It’d been too long since he’d kissed her. Using his grip on her hair, he tilted her head back and bent to claim her mouth.

She whimpered and opened for him. He swept his tongue into her mouth, tangling with her own, exploring and plundering. Mine. The thought screamed in his head. She’s mine. He didn’t stop to think about it. He couldn’t think at all, not when her hands were busy learning every inch of his back and abs.

Her hands dropped to his ass and squeezed. He returned the favor, cupping her bottom and shifting her so her legs straddled his thigh. He sucked her tongue, needing every drop of honeyed sweetness she could give.

Her hand grazed his fly and his hips jacked toward her. He growled, barely holding back the need that rode him hard. He didn’t know what shit she had been through, but he didn’t want to push her into anything too soon. First, he’d pleasure her.


Sharon Kay delivers yet again!! I have fell in love with the Solsti Series and each book gives you more information on our alpha demons.

Garnet's life was not what she envisioned. At a young age, she was a happy child but kidnapped into slavery, didn't make her weak, it made her stronger. She never gave up on life and living life for her son Dash.  When an opportunity was there, she had help to get away from the hell that they were in.  Solsti sister, Brooke and her mate Kai, sent Mathias back to get her from the slavery and they came just in time.

Garnet wanted to live again and give her son the life that she didn't have.  Dash needed to feel settled and she wanted him to be happy so moving to the town that she grew up in would only be the right place to go and be happy.

Aden was a "spy" and a protector. He wanted to make sure everyone was safe and that was his job but it was also something that he just did.  The first time he saw Garnet, he felt a the need to protect her. He knew she needed him but he also needed her and once they met, it was a true love story.

Garnet and Aden protected each other in more ways than just in the physical sense.  They protected the feelings and heart of the other. Aden didn't know everything about Garnet but knew enough to know he would love her regardless and Garnet wanted to protect Aden from the hurt that she could possibly bring in a relationship.  I loved how everything unfolded and I loved that Aden really saw how strong Garnet really is.

I love the Solsti series and can't wait for the next book!

Meet the Author:

Sharon Kay writes award-winning fiction and can never get enough reading time. She loves paranormal romance, with romantic suspense following close on its heels.  She loves winter and black coffee, and is endlessly inspired to write kick-ass heroines and the men strong enough to capture their hearts.
Sharon lives in the Chicago area with her husband and son, and didn’t expect to write one book, let alone a series.  But WICKED WIND and the Solsti series formed in her head one weekend and refused to stay quiet until she put pen to paper.  Her characters tend to keep her up at night, as they banter, fall in love, and slay endless varieties of power-hungry demons.
She loves to hear from readers!  You can find her at:
Twitter: @sharonkaynovels 
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/sharonkaynovels

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