Thursday, May 1, 2014

4 Star Review---Here for You by Denise Muniz



Rebecca Miller was only sure of one thing in her life and that was staying close to her Dad. After years and years of moving around Rebecca finally found stability in her life with her best friend, James. But once her dad’s illness escalated and the lines between friendship and something more began to blur with James, her life started to plummet out of control fast.

James Walker spoke his mind, which got him into a lot of trouble in his younger years. However, when he met Becca she was like a breath of fresh air, like everything he’d always wanted but didn’t feel good enough for. Not wanting to cross the line of friendship James found himself sleeping around with anyone but Becca while pushing away thoughts of wanting more from her.

When Becca began to start hiding something it put a heavy strain on their friendship.

Will there relationship be strong enough to face those life changing events?


When we meet Rebecca and James we learn that they grew up together and each had issues with family life. They were raised in single parent homes and grew up together facing the world. James wanted out of the life that he grew up in which meant leaving Rebecca.

Rebecca lived for her father and when things in life took a 360, she needed James in a way that he would never have dreamed of. The friendship that kept them together was also pulling them apart. They loved each other but no one would act on it and everyone saw it but them. When events came into the picture, they had to decide what was important and if the love that they have for each other was important enough to pull them through the tragedy that awaited them.

Rebecca had someone to count on but the love that she had for James stopped her from moving on with Gray. I felt like Gray didn't love her but she was his arm candy and he enjoyed her just being there. His heart was in the right place but there was no chemistry and he didn't know how to deal with the feelings that he was having.

I'm happy that there was a HEA but there were tears that were shed throughout the book. I saw a breakdown coming but Rebecca's shield was there to protect her, even when she didn't see it.

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