Saturday, August 10, 2013


Are you looking for an alpha male, with a little bit of demon, a female, who can take care of herself, literally? Well Wicked Wind is the book for you.

Nicole and her sisters, two of whom we know and one who we have yet to meet, have powers that they know nothing about. They use these powers to help innocent people. Little do they know they are the Solsti and have a greater purpose, some of which we find out in Wicked Wind. The use of their powers is how Nicole meets Gunnar.
Nicole is this mega kick ass female who shows no fear and puts herself in danger but she “demon in shining armor” is there to protect her. The story takes place on earth and Torth, the demon world. Nicole meets different types of beings, much like herself but so different and she truly gets the chance to take a glimpse into who her sisters and herself may be.
Gunnar knows she’s powerful but witnessed it when he was in harms way and again, she used the wind to protect him….***door opens into the love they have***

“Concentrating on her ability, she opened her heart to the all-consuming love she felt for Gunnar. She visualized their bond as a steel cable. Unbreakable…… Together, they would fight whatever hell was on its way…..Every cell in her body rallied as she drew on their combined strength…She envisioned the mist dissipating into nothingness. Notgonnaletyouwin…”

Throughout the book you’ll witness the evils in the world that no one would believe existed and the struggle that Gunnar has to rid the world of this and also protect Nicole.

I give this book 5 stars.

I can’t wait for book two, Wicked Wave, Brooke and Kai’s story. What evil will they face, will we see more of Nicole and Gunnar?

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