Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tripping Me Up by Amber Garza [4.5 STARS]

Have you met Tripp Bauer? 

If you haven't, I don't know what you are waiting for. 

We have all seen the stereotypical Jock who has all the girls he wants, never works for what he has, is mean and self righteous. That is all Tripp on the outside, pretty girls, nice car, and all the popular friends.... 

Who is Tripp Bauer on the inside, the real Tripp Bauer?

After a chance encounter with Hadley Summers, Tripp is able to learn the man he shows on the outside is not really the man he is on the inside. 

Hadley Summers, shy girl extraordinaire, has been in love with Tripp Bauer ever since she can remember. When Tripp accidentally hits her in the face with a paper wad, in the process humiliating Hadley, Hadley finally has the opportunity to be around Tripp, especially with his insistent apologizing and swearing he didn't mean to humiliate her against what Hadley firmly believes. 

Hadley and Tripp begin a friendship behind closed doors, after school, away from everyone to see. Hadley doesn't want to be in his crowd, and Tripp doesn't want his crowd to know he is hanging out with Hadley for fear of them thinking he's the loser. 

Each Hadley and Tripp have their secrets that they haven't shared with anyone, let alone each other but threw their sadness and pain, threw their need to be themselves, they develop a friendship so strong that neither is willing to give the other up. This forces Hadley's hand at making their friendship public for everyone to know, something Tripp at first hesitantly agrees too, but eventually agrees to!

'I smile at Tripp. "Okay, you've made your point. You can go off with your friends now." "I am with my friend", Tripp says seriously. My whole body goes hot.'

Through their friendship, they develop more than just friendly feelings. They develop a sense of love, support, acceptance, and trust. 

This is a true started from the bottom love story! I absolutely enjoyed going from the very beginning with Tripp and Hadley. They told a story of hurt, despair, and secrets and turned it around into hope, future and love. I would give this wonderful book 4.5 STARS. Tripp had me from word one. This story shows you as well that no matter where you are from, who your friends are, what you do, YOU and the person sitting next to you are ALL EQUAL. Just because you don't look the same, hang out with the same people or have less money, you are equal. It also shows, you can't choose who you love! 

I loved this book, I loved the writing, and I really loved the characters! 

Leaving you with words from the amazing Tripp Bauer, "That's because those girls weren't you, Hadley. I didn't care about them the way I care about you. God, I feel like I've been waiting to meet you my entire life."

Amazon link: http://amzn.com/1491230282

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