Sunday, August 18, 2013

Four Star Review ***HOT MESS*** by Anne Conley

If you are looking for something different then HOT MESS is the story for you. Author Anne Conley has opened our eyes to another side of love, lust and life.
The story begins with Sam, a firefighter who has relocated, to Serendipity. His ex wife committed suicide so he was left to raise his 10 year old daughter Amanda. Sam is struggling to be a single dad, and provide for his daughter but his next door neighbor, Rachel has caught his eye.
Rachel and her daughter Sophie are living with the fact the Rachel is HIV positive. Rachel is an online writer who helps those who have found out that they are HIV positive or who has AIDS. Sophie is the only “family” that she has. Her parents have disowned her and her brother barely talks to her. Sophie is her mother’s confidant and bestie at an early age.
Sam and Rachel have a lot going against them in this love story. Sam fears that Amanda will fall in love with Rachel and then lose her to the disease but is that fear for him?  Will Sam allow Rachel and himself to be intimate when the desire is there? How will Sam handle a dangerous situation that plays right in front of his eyes?
All of these questions are answered in HOT MESS!!
The book was not the ordinary romantic book because of the twist. Anne Conley has really done a great job giving us the other side of things and answered a lot of questions that we all have. She has shown how living with this disease doesn’t end your live and how you can live a healthy and great life.

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