Friday, April 8, 2016

3 Star Review ~ The Want Ad by Penelope Marshall


Wouldn’t it be great if love were like a buffet line? It would be easier. It would be neater. It would be painless and peaceful. But you know what? It wouldn’t be love. Love does not just accept a few things. It accepts all things. 

Necie Anderson, a beautiful, smart, and sassy diva; the token high school ugly duckling turned gorgeous supermodel. Too bad she doesn’t know it! 

Her life after high school has not turned out exactly as she would have hoped, having done nothing significantly noteworthy, except for receiving a degree in journalism. Unfortunately, the only article she was ever commissioned to write was for a feminine itch company entitled, “Bacterial Vaginosis: Who invited you to the party?” Definitely adding to her long list of “not so shiny moments,” as she lovingly referred to them. The failures partly due to the insecurities that she still harbored from her nerdy high school days. 

Necie lives with her best friend and roommate, Ben, who is a wealthy doctor and has been secretly in love with her since the day they met in college. Although the sexual tension between them is palpable, she vows never to take it any further than simple flirtation, afraid to lose the one thing she holds so dear - their friendship! 
As her 10 year high school reunion looms, Ben urges her to attend, unknowingly thrusting her into the arms of the ever elusive billionaire Jay Aston, the most popular guy in her senior class, and the boy she pined away for all those years ago. 
But there is a hiccup in her happily ever after. She does the one thing she said she would never do - she has an alcohol induced steamy night of sex with Ben. 

Now that she has both men hooked, she must decide whether she truly loves Ben as more than just a friend, or if she wants to explore the relationship with the ruggedly handsome CEO, whom she has always fantasized about. 

If that was not enough pressure, both men have given her a sort of ultimatum and she has less than a few days to make the life changing decision! 

Standalone, part of Reunion Series - Book 1 

I must say the story line was really good! Necie was a waitress who wanted more for herself but her luck was not so great. She lives with her roommate Ben, who she met through the want ad, and they have a best friend relationship. At times it seems at times she wants more but something is holding her back from pursuing it.  She was not strong but lost in what she wanted to be and who she was at the time.

Ben was a nice guy, maybe a little too much.  I really wanted to know more about him and see him be stronger than who he was.  i loved the route his character was taking but he fell of for me and at times I felt like I could forget him when I really didn't want to.  He finally got his voice but it was too late. He couldn't break through the walls. I wish he would have had memories to fall back on to draw us in.   Necie has learned that in order to get the things she wants she will need to work on it and Ben has to be more open with his feelings.

I enjoyed this story and its strong foundation the only recommendation that I can make is more character development, which would deepen the story.

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