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Promo ~ The Run (Hell's Disciplwa MC Oregon Chapter by Jaci J


A passionate free spirited girl with a constant need to run,’ or ‘Unsettled,’
is how my mother would describe me. I call it an eternal eagerness to roam. My
feet always seem to carry me along the path less traveled, sometimes leading me
into trouble, and every once in a while, they lead me to something fu****g
great. That something great might just be a bike riding, cut wearing hard-ass.
Buck might just be worth slowing down and hanging around for. 


Uninterestingthats what
d say about anything outside
my club. An old lady, uninterested. Bitches beyond the bedroom, uninterested. A
roommate, definitely not fu*****g interested. I ran, like a bat outta hell,
from one bad situation two years ago and I’m not looking to repeat the same
goddamn mistake twice, but Lennon doesn’t make it easy on a man. Crazy
beautiful, a wild heart, and an infectious spirit, Lennon might just be enough
to pique my interest. 

They say love comes in all shapes and sizes, and is found
in the most unexpected places. I wasn't looking for anything when I knocked on
that big, wooden door, but what I got was a rude ass, leather wearing biker who
made me feel, and want things I never thought were possible. 

Rampage is crude, rude, and tough. He’s everything I’m not, but he’s everything
I need. He’s my strength when I’m weak, my shoulder to lean on when the weight
of my world gets too heavy. He’s my voice when I don’t have one, and he holds
me up when I need it the most. 

Love is for the weak. It does nothing but hurt your pathetic feelings, break
your weak little heart, and give you the worst f*****g headache of your life.
If you let that shit in, it will break what was never broken in the first
place, and now it's trying to sneak in and break me. A little smartass angel
has found a way to work her way in without permission, wreaking havoc on my
rule of never loving anyone. 

Lailah is the soft to my hard, the social to my antisocial, the innocent to my
corrupt, and the sweet to my mean. She’s the eternal optimist when it comes to
love, and without even knowing she's doing it, she’s trying to make me a
goddamn believer. I may not believe in love, but I do believe in Lailah. She’s
the calm to my rage, and that is what I do I believe in. 

90,000+ Words. 

18+ Due to language, some blood, sex, & a little drug use

It's a constant battle between us now. I give, and he just takes, and we can't
go on like this. 

Saying that we've been through a lot is an understatement of a lifetime. After
everything that we had overcome, we were here, together and alive. 

In the aftermath of all the devastation we had endured, I find myself fighting
a new, yet different battle with the one person who came to save me because he
loved me that much. This is the man that now fights me. 

He's not the same man since my attack and I don't think that man will ever come
back to me. He is becoming my worst nightmare, but I will not give up on us, no
matter what he tries to do... 

I want to hate her as much as I love her, and I'm willing to take from her
'till she has nothing left to give, 'till it ends up killing us both. 

I push her away, but I keep pulling her back 'cause I don't know how to fucking
let her go. I love her so much, it physically hurts. I can't look at her, I
can't touch her and I can't even stand to fuck her. I can't give her anything
anymore, and I hate myself for it. 

I keep her here, knowing I don't deserve her, but I'm gonna keep hurting her. I
know I'm gonna lose her and she's gonna hate me, but I'll be damned if I can
let her be without me, no matter how bad this shit will get... 

What do you do when you just can't find your way back from so much pain? You
share it, and you will make it hurt. 

18+ Due to dirty fucking language, hot sex, and a little bit of drugs and

50,000 plus words. 



It had always been about the ride. My love for the ride is what fuels me. It’s
what drives me. That freedom of the open road in front of you with not a damn
thing holding you back is what I crave. 

I don’t need much, shit I don’t want much out of life. My bike, my club, my
brothers, my money, and occasionally a warm and willing women in my bed is what
I need. 

I liked my life that way. It works for me. I enjoyed the familiarity of it. But
slowly things were changing. I can feel that change in the air. It's
everywhere. There comes a point in your life where things just change. No
matter how much I fight it. No matter how hard I hang on, it's changing.
Whether by choice or not. For better or worse it gets turned upside down on its
fucking head. The moment I laid eyes on her shit changed forever. Things were
on their way to changing, but fuck if she didn't tip that shit right over. She
hit me like a blow to the chest crippling me. Rocking my world. That girl
completely blew everything I thought I wanted to shit. She took me on a wild
ride and for better or worse she changed everything for me. 


The loud rumble of pipes fills me with a sense of home. Deep gruff male voices
remind me of nights spent sitting at the bar listening to the guys tell me
stories. The smell of leather, grease, and smoke brings back memories of hot
summer days spent around the compound. The sound of classic rock makes me want
to dance. A group of rough and mean men makes me smile. Seeing a beautifully
crafted bike makes my heart beat a little faster. A man in leather always makes
me hot. The feel of the vibration through my body from a perfectly tuned bike
takes me right back to my old life. Some things never change. Sometimes those
things are never meant to change. Although much hadn't changed since I left, a
few things had. The loss of loved ones, the addition of new ones. With one new
addition to life things changed for me forever. My life will never be the same.
He changed it all. 

92,000 plus words


I live in a small hick town
right on the coast of good ol' Washington State, about two hours outside of
Seattle. Although I live in a small town don't mistake my location for my love
of all things country, because I'm a city girl through and through. My heart
lives in the fast paced hustle and bustle of the city. Hell I even lived in
Seattle for five years and I couldn't get it out of my system. I live with or
right next door to my tribe, or as most know them, my family. My lovely, but
nutty mother lives right next door with my hair brained grandma. I currently
reside in my nut house with my strange, but wonderful fiancé and my wild as
hell little monster boy. My biker mouthed, but funny and amazing little sister
lives not too far away with my adorable nephew and hick down to his bones
brother in law. I have an enormous love for music. I love it all. My sister and
I go to as many concerts as humanly possible. At least one every mouth or
three. But my passion is reading and writing. I have a love of all things
book-related. If it has words, I'll read it. I decided one day to write because
my poor brain couldn't take any more of the massive stories I had stored away.
I figured hell I love them, maybe someone else will too. So I started writing
and couldn't stop. I still can't stop. It's now become an obsession. A lovely, lovely
obsession. I find myself dreaming up new stories daily. I have a plethora of
fun, wild, and crazy characters running around my head too. I will continue to
write for my love of it and hopefully for others enjoyment too!

You can find me on Twitter @JaciJeanThBest 

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