Sunday, July 12, 2015

4 Star Review ~ The Talented Mr. Maxwell

Dorrie Applegate just stumbled into a career-launching opportunity. The small-town Kentucky girl landed a gem of a position at Omni Publishing in New York City. Her first major assignment—writing a biography of one of the most sought-after male models in the world.

Grant Maxwell is at the apex of his career. Unfortunately the end of his run looms before him. At thirty-four, scores of younger, hungrier models nip at his heels, vying for his spot at the pinnacle of the fashion realm. And he has no earthly idea what to do next.

In the midst of an unlikely and tumultuous love affair with Grant, Dorrie is suddenly forced into making an agonizing decision. It’s a decision that shatters Grant’s heart.

Step onto the volatile runway of fashion modeling packed to the hilt with clashing egos, impossibly gorgeous men, backstabbing, and biting jealousy. And caught in the snare of the dramatic intrigue? Dorrie Applegate and Grant Maxwell 


I enjoyed getting to know Dorrie and Grant.  The story was not the typical line when you think it's boy meets girl, glitz and glam...

Dorrie was not a push over and didn't take crap from anyone. She didn't see herself as someone who people would fawn over but she was different and special. She has to write Grant biography and sparks flew rapidly.  It was a dirty sort of thing that turns sensual but it was different and classy,

Grant was a nice guy.  He wasn't like most of the models and saw things a little different.  You have to take into account that he's a the IT model and everyone wants him.  He's popular and can have what and who he wants.  I think there was a little growing up that needed to be done in some areas but the chemistry between the two was undeniable.  The feelings he had for her were true. This was not a fast process but slow and I loved that.  

They had things that they had to go through like most couples.  Jealousy, trust and using common sense when dealing with feelings were things that needed work but the story was wonderful to read.  I disliked Grant during some parts and I also questioned Dorrie in a lot of things and really disliked her in a few scenes.  I just wanted to shake her and say open your eyes for once!!!

I loved the story and can't wait to read something else from Julia Harlow!! I have had the pleasure of reading another book and it was very well written as this was.

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