Saturday, October 18, 2014

3.5 Star Review---His by Dawn Robertson


I am a Failure.
I am a Wife.
I am a Business Woman.
I am Bold.
I am Broken.
I am Lonely.
I am Strong.

The only person who has ever fought for me, will only fight with me now. After finally letting my walls crumble for a man, he has destroyed me from the inside out. I should have known that a broken bitch like me would never get a happily ever after. What did I expect?

But what he doesn’t realize is, I am not going to let him walk away so easily. He turned my world upside down, and now I will do the same to his. I just pray our daughter doesn’t become collateral damage. 

I am Seven James-Parker, and this is the second part to my story.


Levi and Seven make a perfect couple!! They both compliment each other and they are able to give what the other doesn't have. Both Levi and Seven have issues and you would think Seven has more but I think Levi's problems have been hidden for so long, he really forgot they existed.

Seven still has a lot to deal with after the melt down and the issues that she has previously. Everything was weighing on her and she wasn't Seven. This was her alter ego and she was not liked.  Seven was the strength for all of the girls and the guys loved her for it.  

Levi was very different. He was controlled in all areas of his life.  He loved hard but he was lonely in aspects of his life.  His lives for his family and he has issues that he has not dealt with.  Levi is a good guy and I love his story.

I loved Levi's story and I love the interaction that he has with his "family".  He doesn't realize it but the same thing that the girls have gone through is what he went through.  The story showed strength in all characters and the love they had for each other.  I hate the series ends but it has been a fun series and I loved getting to know the characters.

Meet the Characters:

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