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Cover Reveal---Forbidden Hope (A Werewolf Wars Prequel) by Bethany Shaw

Forbidden Hope
A Werewolf Wars Prequel Novella
Author Bethany Shaw
Genre: Paranormal Romance and Suspense
Cover Art By: Sprinkles On Top Studios
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Release Date

September 10, 2014



Emily McKinley has been a prisoner in her own home since she began her first heat cycle. As a rare female wolf, and
the alpha’s daughter, she has led a sheltered life. When Marcus Jackson comes to the pack, Emily is instantly drawn
to him. As the daughter of an alpha, she is required to find a proper mate—another alpha. Marcus is everything she
could possibly want in a mate and more, but he isn’t an alpha, and her father will never approve. Unable to deny
their mutual attraction, Marcus and Emily find themselves falling for each other. But Emily’s world comes crashing
down when her father orders her to become a breeder for a misogynistic pack. She tries to protest her father’s
decision, but the more Emily fights, the more dire the situation becomes. Emily must make a choice, stay and lead a
life as a submissive female, or run and put everyone she loves in danger.
Available in Ebook and Paperback
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  10643376_750978974948442_1416261233_nForbidden Hope
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Author Bio

Bethany Shaw has lived in Ohio her entire life. She is happily married to her husband of nine years and together they have two wonderful children. They also share their home with three dogs and two cats. Most of the time, she has at least one of her pets by her feet while she writes. Writing has always been a passion of hers and she is thrilled to pursue her dreams. She enjoys reading romances, young adult and fantasy.

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RUN with the PACK



Book 1~ Out of the Shadows
Book 2~ Into the Unknown
Book 3~ Finding Our Way
Book 3.5 ~ Forbidden Hope (Releasing September 10, 2014)
Book 4~ Lost and Found ( Releasing October 2014)

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The Love Story of Emily and Marcus

A Prequel Novella to...


How the War Begins

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