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5 STAR REVIEW--- A Whole New Crowd by Tijan



Taryn grew up in a different world. Her boyfriend was a criminal. His older brother was part of a gang. They weren't great people, but they were her family. Then everything changes when she's sent to a new family in the neighboring town. New family. New friends. A new world. She's elated. This is her chance for a new beginning, but secrets start being revealed and Taryn learns her new life has some ties to her old one, ties that she's not happy about. Her new family might not have been the lucky break she thought she had.


Then he nodded. “Congratulations.”
“On what?”
“You earned their respect.”
I snorted. “I don’t care.”
“I know.” A smile teased at the corners of his lips. “They saw that too and because of that, they fear you now.”


“I may be an asshole, but I’m an asshole you can trust.” He smirked as he reached behind him and then placed a cold bottle in my hand. “I promise.” He took my other hand and led me back downstairs.
Maybe it wasn’t a great decision, but I gave in. The fight was always in me to survive and for once, I didn’t want to fight. I wanted to be watched over. If he volunteered for that position, so be it. Brian never watched over me. I watched over him and Jace had rarely been around.
When he sat on the couch, I curled up next to him and enjoyed my place among his group of friends. As the morning and afternoon passed by, I heard and saw the respect they had for Tray. They listened when he spoke. Everyone turned to him and no one ignored him. They genuinely liked him.
People had never genuinely liked Brian or Jace. Jace was feared. He was respected, but I didn’t know if anyone in his life liked him. It was the opposite for Brian. He was tolerated. He was a hothead. No one knew when he would explode and so he earned a reputation as being unpredictable. He was met with caution wherever he went.
It was an alien feeling, watching this different world unfold before me.
I liked it.


I was given the privilege to get an advanced readers copy of A Whole New Crowd by Tijan.. And let me tell you, it was just that. A great privilege. For those who know me, know I am a super Tijan fan... From Carter Reed, to Broken & Screwed to my absolute favorite Fallen Crest with the illustrious and mysterious Mason and Logan Kade.

I'll admit, when I asked for an arc of A Whole New Crowd, I didn't even read the synopsis before I jumped on the opportunity of reading a new and what I am sure is going to be another highly coveted Tijan novel. I jumped face first into this novel with no idea what it was about, I just knew it would be awesome. And awesome, dramatic, gripping, and captivating it was.

A Whole New Crowd is a different story in it's own. A Whole New Crowd follows the illusive thief Taryn Matthews from the wrong side of town in a wrong kind of home to a new town, a new family and a new start. But in starting her new beginning, she must leave behind two important pieces of her soul, Jace and Brian Landers. The life ahead of Taryn doesn't fit her bad boy best friends.

Taryn begins her new life, not exactly fitting in with the popular crowd. Until Tray Evans storms into her new seemingly perfect life. Tray is the push Taryn needs to get her storm brewing again.. Taryn can't explain the pull she feels for Tray. She thinks about him when he's not around. She wants him to touch her everytime she sees him. She feels his pull without even knowing he's there... Tray and Taryn are two seemingly different people, ones from a rich family, one from no family and no money. But deep down they are so much alike.

When Taryn's old crowd threatens to invade her new crowd, it's a storm of two worlds colliding. And Tray is there to help Taryn sort the pieces of her past and present. Tray was there for everything for Taryn. He didn't take her crap, she didn't take his. They fit so brokenly but beautifully together.

I loved the side characters. Loved them.. Mandy, Taryn's adopted sister, was kind of an idiot at times but deep down you could feel she had a good heart. She cared about Taryn and accepted her almost instantly.. Brian, Taryn's troublemaker ex boyfriend, now he was a whole other story. He was trouble, he made bad choices but he seemed to have a deep love for Taryn, even if he was really bad at showing it.
Jace... My god, Jace. There was something about him from the very beginning. I couldn't decide if I wanted to love him or hate him.. He had a secret, I could feel it throughout the whole book. He was mysterious, dark and sexy. He was one of my favorite characters from the whe book because you didn't know what he would pull next.

Tijan tells a tale of mistrust and turmoil. She shows us love can conquer all. She shows us don't always judge a book by it's cover. Her writing holds you from the first page and this is not something new in just this book, she manages to pull it off in every book she has written. A Whole New Crowd is a beautifully wirtten, anxiety filled story. If you haven't added it to your to be read by now, I don't know what more I can do to convince you.

It captivated me and I am sure it is going to captivate you.

Tray + Taryn = 5 STAR LOVE.



Tijan started writing later in life, after she had already graduated college with a different direction in mind and a different degree under her belt. Hitting the brakes on that path, she taught herself how to write a good book and began posting at sites such as Fictionpress, along with Wattpad. After receiving such encouraging messages from readers, she self-published Fallen Crest High and has continued throughout the year. She continues to keep writing NA books!

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