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5 Star Review---Guarding Hearts by L.L. Collins

Guarding Hearts
Author LL Collins
Released May 23, 2014

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Ellis Warner is a police officer, everyone’s friend and every girl’s fantasy- funny, dedicated, and too good looking for his own good. Thanks to a childhood he would rather forget and a young adulthood riddled with mistakes, he knows that no one can ever find out who he really is. He lives his life pretending to be the guy everyone sees on the outside. The one thing he knows for sure is that he can’t be serious with anyone. When he takes a second job as security for a new country star coming into town, he has no idea how that one decision will change his entire life and expose everything he has worked so hard to bury.
Samantha Kerrigan won a nationwide contest that immediately forces her into the spotlight. Her dreams of being a successful country singer have come true, but dreams always come with a price. While going out on her first tour, a stalker’s advances threaten her safety, forcing her team to hire more protection.
The second she meets Ellis, she knows there’s something about him and immediately makes him her private bodyguard. But he’s determined just to do his job, and she’s determined to make him open up. When her life is threatened and his secrets are exposed, will Ellis be able to guard Sam from danger, and his heart from her?
Why can't we have more than 5 stars?  LL Collins has done it again! I didn't think it could get better after Reaching Rachel but boy was I wrong!!! Hot, steamy and alpha males in all three books and just imagine how good book four will be!!

Ellis is a hard worker member of the swat team. He has gone through more in his childhood that most people but with the right guidance and support team, he was able to be more than what he thought he could be. Ellis never trusted or believed in anything because of the life he once lived. His heart was guarded and he never let anyone in the break down those walls.

Sammie was a new country singer who also had things in her life that made her who she was and in a sense took a little of her with the things that happened. Sammie's life was a very good life with parents and friends who really cared about her but she was missing something. 

When these two connected, it was truly love at first sight and I don't mean just meeting each other. The "electric shock" was there and the love that both of them had was undeniable.  

The struggles that each of them had only made the book so much better and Author LL Collins couldn't have made a better story. 

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About The Author
LL Collins is a teacher who loves spending her days in the Florida sun with her husband and boys, reading, and writing. Her love of writing has found a home in the self-publishing world. Living Again and Reaching Rachel are available on Amazon Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks, in both eBook and paperback. LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out and start writing and try to make her lifelong dreams of becoming an author come true. She has been a teacher for over ten years, a wife for 14, and a mom to two boys, 12 and 10.
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