Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review---Seducing Chase by Cassandra Carr


When a researcher disappears with millions, Val Chase, the director of public relations at a hospital, faces the biggest challenge of her career. To make matters worse, the CEO brings in his old college roommate, a crisis management ringer and a man Val is convinced wants to make her look bad. She instantly dislikes the smooth-talking man with the expensive suit who threatens her very livelihood, even as she's drawn to him physically. 

Nate O'Halloran is just trying to do a favor for a friend and is caught off-guard by the sexy PR director who's determined to handle this crisis without his help. His eagerness to rush back to his A-list celebrity clientele is waning by the minute, as Val's beauty and fiery personality enthrall him. As Nate gets to know Ms. Chase better, for the first time in his life he sees how empty his existence is and a future that includes a woman.

As things at the hospital go from bad to worse, can he convince Val he's more than a playboy and not out for her job?


Val is doing the job of her life. She is doing everything that she ever wanted to do but when the hospital that she is working at suffers a huge loss, she is struggling to keep herself together and keep her boss out of the firing squad. Val is a nice person who is committed to things in life once she sets her mind to it. In the turmoil that is rearing its ugly head, she is forced to work with a PR person from New York. 

Nate is the best friend of Doug, who is the "boss". He has known him for a very long time and he's needed. Nate is brought in the help with the huge set of drama that the hospital has and keep the public's eyes focused on how good the hospital is and how much their research will be in finding a cure for cancer and treating the cancer patients.

Little did they know that they attraction they had toward each other couldn't be brushed off and Val couldn't run, although she tried. 

I truly enjoyed watching the love that they both shared for each other blossom into a nice romance. It was sweet and very real!!

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