Thursday, January 9, 2014

{Review} Cadillac (Low-Low #1) by A. Vasquez

Title: Cadillac (Low-Low #1)
Author: A. Vasquez
Release Date: January 2014


This is a standalone novel.

After the death of her sister, Renee Davis is rebuilding her life. She has sworn of bad boys, and anyone who reminds her of the man who killed Hailey. Fate has other plans when she sets eyes on the epitome of what she had tried so hard to stay away from; Isaac. 

Isaac Ramirez is tatted up, Mexican man who drives a Cadillac. He is a member of San Diego's exclusive car club, the "Low-Low's". When he sets his eyes on Renee, he is determined to have her. 

They have an intense and instant connection, but circumstances of the past and present make them question their relationship.

Lies are told.

Tears are cried.

Wounds are reopened.

Will love be lost or can they overcome their obstacles?

Mature Audiences only_due to adult content and language(less)


I fell in love with Isaac when he suffered a tragic event and let himself become vulnerable. He alpha male personality and his take no enemies has me swooning!! He laid eyes on Renee and his heart knew she would be the one to end his suffering. It was love at first sight and although his mind wasn’t in the right place, his heart was already hers. 

Renee is a hard worker and very determined to take her life back after a tragedy.  She has moved to a new place with her friend Camille and she is getting her life back in order. When she saw Isaac, she knew he was the one but her past was holding her back. She couldn’t trust anyone but she opened up a part of her that was the brand new “Renee” and let herself be free.

Isaac and Renee has a lot of things to deal with and most of that stemmed from his car club the “Low-Lows.” The clubs leader had a past that only Isaac knew about but couldn’t affect both of them in a bad and dangerous way. Tony, the club leader, was a whack job and assumed that he would always be able to get by with anything, with no consequences.

Isaac and Renee found themselves in turmoil and worked on getting things right and doing it for them.  A. Vasquez wrote a great book, and this is her first one!!!! The characters were great and who doesn’t like a HEA. I can’t wait for the second book!! 

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