Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{Blog Stop & Giveaway} Her by Carey Heywood



You know her side of the story, now learn his.

"It was useless. I felt branded beneath my skin by a girl who left without even saying goodbye."

When Will Price was assigned a partner for a sixth grade class project he had no idea she would become his best friend. After years of friendship, she eventually became so much more.  Then, one day she left with no explanation. 

Will’s life shattered right before his eyes and he was left alone to pick up the pieces.  Floundering without her, Will must figure out a way to carry on, to find a way to exist without her. 

Seven years later, a chance encounter leaves him desperate to get her back. He has one week to make her his again.  Not everyone gets a second chance with the love of their life and Will is determined to never lose her again. 


…..HER is the follow up to HIM, from Will’s POV…..

Will let us in to how he saw the struggles that Sarah and he went through as children and as adults. Will had feelings for Sarah since grade school and in a sense felt very protective of her. She was picked on as a child because she was “different” but Will didn’t see that. He saw a strong person who didn’t care what she looked like or how she acted. She was herself.  Her familywas a real family and that was something Will was missing.  In his eyes, they were “home”; Sarah was home!

In HIM, we went through their journey. The love that Sarah felt but never acted on because she though Will deserved more than her. She felt she wasn’t enough for him and because of the material things she didn’t have, he wouldn’t want her in that way. She saw it and felt somethingbut never acted on it.

Will and Sarah were truly best friends and the connection that they both felt for each other was never brought to the forefront until Sarah got older. Once he realized it was now or never, hefinally spoke up and once he did, they were inseparable. They spent all of their time together and things couldn’t have been better until an eventful day.

Carey Heywood showed us that true love will always find its way back to each other whether the couples are apart for 7 years or 20 years. She showed two different sides to the characters that would make you fall in love with Will immediately. He was a hero, a best friend, a son, a real MAN. Will loved those around him and never asked for anything but to be apart of a family and in Sarah’s he was welcomed with open arms. He fought for her and won at the end! But the biggest battle was one that he never thought he would have to!! 



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