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GIVEAWAY & Review--- {Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy #1) by Ilsa Madden-Mills}

If you haven't picked up Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills then you are seriously, seriously missing out!

Born into a life of privilege and secrets, Nora Blakely has everything any nineteen-year-old girl could desire.  She’s an accomplished pianist, a Texas beauty queen, and on her way to Princeton after high school.  She’s perfect…
Leaving behind her million dollar mansion and Jimmy Choos, she becomes a girl hell-bent on pushing the limits with alcohol, drugs, and meaningless sex.  
Then she meets her soulmate.  But he doesn’t want her.
When it comes to girls, twenty-five-year old Leo Tate has one rule:  never fall in love.  His gym and his brother are all he cares about…until he meets Nora.  He resists the pull of their attraction, hung up on their six year age difference.
As they struggle to stay away from each other, secrets will be revealed, tempers will flare, and hearts will be broken.
Welcome to Briarcrest Academy…where sometimes, the best things in life are
Very Bad Things.
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Leo and Sebastian, oh man. Talk about sexy brothers. 

This is the story of Nora, Nora Blakely..
Nora is Miss Perfect.
She does everything right... Until now.

"Fuck Briarcrest Academy, and fuck all of you."
....It felt good to be bad.

Nora has been Miss Perfect her whole life under the whips and chains of her mother. She has never veered far from her destined path until something just makes her snap. 

Nora doesn't want to be the good girl. She wants to be BAD, very bad. She wants to do some very bad things...

Nora's List of Bad Things

  1. Change my image. Get a tattoo? Wear slutty clothes? Dye my hair?
  2. Drink alcohol. Drugs optional. Drugs required. Proceed to rehab?
  3. Have meaningless sex. Often. With different people.
  4. Be the aforementioned bad girl whenever possible. In school. At home. Everywhere.
  5. Do not under any circumstances be called perfect.
When Nora tries to be bad, her results lead her to Leo Tate and his little brother Sebastian. Being bad with Leo is something Nora would like to cross off her list, meaningless sex. And who wouldn't want that with the god that is Leo Tate. Problem is, Leo is seven years older than Nora and just doesn't want her, or so he puts off......

Nora's problems all stem from something dark and evil.. Finn is the dark and the evil for Nora and he continues to haunt and torture her even in her dreams.

Leo is the solution to Nora's problems. Can he save the good girl gone bad before it's too late? Can love at first sight really be in their cards?

OMG, I loved Leo Tate. He was charming, sexy, manly, and sweet. He played hard to get and even broke some hearts on the way but he was everything you look for in a book boyfriend! He was Nora's other half as much as he tried to deny it. I loved Nora as well. She was strong and independent. As broken as she was, she stood up for herself and became an amazing heroine. 

Through it all, Nora showed that no matter good or bad LOVE always wins. She may not have felt the love at home with her real family but from the people she called her family, she sure was engulfed by it. The supporting characters in this book were phenomenal. Mila was the sweetest best friend, Aunt Portia was so supportive and Sebastian was just damn perfect. He blew my mind. If he was my age I could have just swooped him up and never let him go!

Over all this was a great debut novel by the wonderful Ilsa Madden-Mills. Another easy 5 star read for me. The author just had a way of mesmerizing you with the characters. She took this story to a whole new level. I applaude you Miss Madden-Mills and I can't wait for the next book in this incredible story!!

"I'm the only one for you, just me. You're my bad girl. No one else's." --Leo Tate

Special Excerpt:
As if he’d made a decision, he pulled me out into the quiet hallway. Once we were alone, he said, “Now, about last night—” he stopped, appearing stuck on what to say.
He took two steps away from me, like he needed some space between us, like what he was going to say was difficult. He ran his hand through his hair furiously, pulling on the ends a little. “Nora, look, I think you’re a pretty girl, but there won’t be anything between us.”
My face flushed because I had acted inappropriately last night. Like a slut, really. Yet I didn’t regret it. And then there was my bad list. I wanted him for my meaningless sex. Still.
“Because you think I’m too young.”
“Yes.” He blew out a breath. “I’m sorry if I come across as a prick here, but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me. I don’t do serious relationships ever, and you deserve something good, not just a quick fuck.”
I stared at his full lips, not holding back. “I like it when you say ‘fuck.’”

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About the Author:
Ilsa Madden-Mills wrote her first work at the age of twelve when she penned a little ditty about a handsome prince who had no sense. Since then, she’s always written, whether it was for work or fun. When she was young, she entered every short story and poetry contest around; when she was in college, she wrote for the university paper; when she taught English, she wrote a play along with a wonderful group of drama students.
Very Bad Things is her first full-length novel and part of a new series called Briarcrest Academy.
She graduated summa cum laude with a master’s in English from an esteemed university in the South where she now resides. She spends her days with two small kids, a neurotic cat, and her Viking husband. When she’s not typing away at a story, you can find her drinking too much Diet Coke, jamming out to Pink, or checking on her carefully maintained chocolate stash.
She loves to hear from fans and fellow avid readers. Check her out on Facebook or her author website.

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