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Cole by JB Harnett {Review & Author Q&A, Giveaway} ----Blog Tour

This amazing story is the second book in the Leaves Series by J.B. Harnett.
Cole picks up with book one, Inky leaves off!
Today on our leg of the blog tour, we got the fabulous J.B. to sit down for a little Q&A with us! You get some of your tough questions from Inky and Cole answered here!
Also, it's a duel REVIEW! <3 nbsp="">
We have the 5 star Cole review for you as well as the 5 star Inky review!
Double the fun!

Cole Carlyle, successful hotelier, has lived his life on his own terms.
Burned by a gold digging ex-wife, he never expected to find his soul mate in Anika “Inky” Redding.
Anika Redding, talented artist, overcame her past to live her life free of shame.
Betrayed by people she thought she could trust, the last thing she expected was to find true love in Cole Carlyle.
Their love for each other has helped them overcome their demons before, but now faced with an unimaginable challenge, Cole must turn to the last person he wants involved in his life, and hope that those demons don’t once again try to swallow them whole.
Inky and Cole’s romance and passion ignite and in the sequel to “Inky” we follow their journey to overcome their pasts once and for all, while building their love into something everlasting.

Little Cole teaser ;)
“Don’t move, baby.” He said gently.

“I’m not going anywhere.” I sat Indian style on the bed and hugged my knees up to my chest letting my head rest against them. “You know what?”
“What?” I heard from the direction of the bathroom.
“I always called Evan ‘baby’. My Dad called me ‘baby’ and I wanted to save it for the man I would marry. I’m sorry I wasted it on him when I have you.” He was behind me, pulling my hair back when I felt a brush against my scalp…heaven. “That feels wonderful…what are you doing?”
“I’m getting you ready for bed.” I could hear his smile.
“You’re brushing my hair.” I sighed happily, stating the obvious. “Wouldn’t you rather be having hot-drunk-no holds barred-sex?”
“Does this feel good?”
“It feels incredible.”
“Then we can have hot-drunk- no holds barred-sex another night. But tonight, Christmas Eve, I want you to remember this. I want it to be special. Both of us in our cupcake pajama’s, me holding you, taking care of you…this is the beginning of our life together…baby.”

We left off with Inky being taken by Joe and no one knew what was going to happen. Will she live, will she die, will she be “harmed”? Who knew what would happen…..
Cole is the knight that Inky thought she had but didn’t. He was the dream come true that she only wished she had. Cole was the breath of fresh air that she needed and vice versa. Cole was the light at the end of the tunnel and he would move heaven and earth for Inky.
We start the book off with Inky and Joe. She is waiting for her knight to find her or the very worst to happen. She thought she was going to be safe and Joe would never kill her; hurt her, yes but kill…NO.  While there she the conversations between Cole and Joe but only at a few seconds at best to talk with him. She knows he working on it but she also hears a voice that shouldn’t be there….her mom!! (Now remember the situation with her mom is not good. She basically sold her daughter to the devil for his private use)

“Cole?” She said. Her voice was shaking, I knew she was crying. “Yes. No matter whathappens. That’s my answer. If something does wrong, I love you, forever baby. Forever.” She cried.

Cole has several people to step up and help him but the person who he would have never thought would save him was his father. He took over and did what needed to be done. With the help of a therapist, Cole and his dad are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I won’t give anything away but the light at the end of the tunnel for everyone is bright. 

Everyone goes through the situations together and they make it together.
I won’t say anymore because if I keep writing I’ll tell you the entire book and I really want to tell you about Joe and what happens to him and more about how Cole’s dad saved them all and how the ending turns out and what Inky does to make things better and how Coles mom helps and how the sales clerk is a b**** and how the cousin gets revenge and ……
J.B Harnettt showed us the world of two people who were lost in two different ways but loved each other till the end of the world. These two people gave us…hot sex, made us cry, made us flip to the end of the book to make sure everyone had a happy ever after but also made us want more. 

I’m just going to throw this out there and I hope J.B. Hartnett reads this….I want more of all of them!!!!

COLE IS OUT NOW! Check it out!


Before I even tell you how much I loved this book, just know that at the end of the book I kept hitting my nook and wondered where the rest was. The ending is a major cliffhanger…..

Anika, or Inky as we all know her, was a child of many different things but abuse would be the best to describe it. Mentally her mother and the boyfriend treated her bad. We learned throughout the book that the abuse Inky receives puts her in a place that she sometimes tends to stay. We learn a lot about the people in her life that are her “friends”.

Evan should have been the person who she would marry, because they were engaged, and protected her from herself and everything in the world but he wasn’t. He was a liar who cheated on her with one of her best friends…so enough about the slack people in her life…
Aimes and Cole (and his mom) are Inky’s “bright light”. They help her with the problems that she faces, the panic attacks that happen, the struggles of everyday life and everything else under the sun.

Now onto the MAN… Cole meets her at the bar where she works and it’s somewhat of a love at first sight.  There is a connection but it’s more than the normal connection that people have.

“Just relax Anika. As much as I want to make love to you, I want to savor every momentbefore it and after as well. I want you to trust me. I want to be your destination not your distraction.”

 He sees the something in Inky that Aimes doesn’t. He feels her troubles because he too hasgone through them. His father is his “trigger”. His father is the person who makes him feel like he’s nothing, worth nothing and can never be anything. For Inky, it’s her mother and the boyfriend (who we will get to know a little of but more in book two). Inky’s triggers lead her to panic attacks and tattoos. Cole’s trigger leads him to a suicide attempt. His mother helped him cope but ART helps Inky. She has an amazing talent that comes out when she is in a dark place. Art is her way out; it’s her drug of choice to deal with life, when it’s beating her up.  The connection that they have it very noticeable and they give into the inevitable. They let love take over but they also let each other be the comfort and safety they each need.
(Any more information will spoil the book and I don’t want to do that because now I want to tell the entire story.)

J.B.Harnett did an excellent job on this book and I can’t wait for the release of Cole.  


NOW! Let's all sit down for a little Question and Answer with the FABULOUS JB Harnett!!

 ~ Hey J.B.,  Inky was amazing and so was Cole! What inspired you to write Inky originally?
I wanted to write a love story primarily, of course. A few years ago, a friend’s boyfriend committed suicide. I also have a friend who suffered abuse as a child. I wanted the darkness that two people carried to be what ultimately connects them but not defines them. I made Inky an artist and through music, her art and her ink, that was how she coped. Cole on the other hand is looking for someone to complete him, a kindred spirit which he thought he had previously found but was burned. In Inky, what appears to be “insta-love” is Inky feeling the pull of another damaged soul and opening herself up to it completely. As far-fetched as it may sound, they have both found their soul mate.

~ We all know we love book boyfriends! What sexy male inspired Cole for you?
Oh, my muse is a mix of two people: Chris Isaak back in his Baja Sessions days and Adrien Brody…sigh.

 ~ Who would you pick to play the sexy Cole?
Chris Isaak is now in his fifties, but a friend found this hottie named Diogo Morgado and, well, he will do just fine, haha.

 ~ Who would you choose to be Inky?
A friend sent me the picture of this beautiful girl named Emilia Clarke and she is gorgeous…a perfect Inky.

~Will there be a book 3 in this series and if so who will it spotlight?
Book three is in the works and will feature Nico, the tattoo artist.

~Olaf has been great! He's so amazing! He's been a great supporting character in Inky and Cole, will we possibly be seeing him get his own book? (Please say yes!).
My plan is a story for Olaf, yes and for David Parker.

~If you were to write a novella, would you maybe write it on Joe and let us into his mind and let us know why things got so out of control?
Probably not. Joe was driven by desperation. Without giving spoilers, he was fixated on one person and had been for years.

~ What was your favorite quote from Inky? (I'm sure you've got a few!!) What's your favorite quote from Cole?
Well, in Inky, my favorite quote is, “I want to be your destination, not your distraction.” In Cole, “We have to stop doubting that we’re good enough for each other, Cole. We’ve both been so hurt by people that were supposed to love us unconditionally. It makes us doubt our worth.”

~Who is your favorite character in these two stories and why?
 I would have to say Aimes. She’s a combination of three of my friends but I would love to be her for someone else.

~ Can we expect any new novels from you in the future?
We are dying for more! Your stories were amazing and touching and we can't wait for future works! I’ve already started to write Nico’s story which I expect to have out by the end of the year.

Thank you Crazy Chaotic Book Babes!! XO Jules
Thank you Jules, it was amazing chatting!!!! <3 b="">

About the Author:
Julie is a Southern California native, a fan of a really good story (preferably romance with a happily ever after), really good pie (preferably pumpkin) and copious amounts of coffee (preferably Folgers).
She has always enjoyed writing and at one time thought she could be a singer songwriter...the 'writer' part is the one that stuck.
Julie is obsessed with pi...the equation(and the food). She's allergic to cats and cantaloupe and hates if you ever want to give her a gift, those are out for sure. She currently lives with her own romance hero husband and two boys in Melbourne, Australia.
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