Friday, July 26, 2013

Prepare to be Seized......

Ever pick up a book you just couldn't put down.....
From the time you turn the first page, you wonder how the book will end...

That is EXACTLY how I felt when I picked up Seize Me (Breakneck #1) by Crystal Spears. That book had me quivering and sitting on edge from start to finish.

This fabulous, on the edge book centers around the sexy as sin Braxxon and his hell's angel Winter.

Braxxon is the young president of the Breakneck Motorcycle Club. He has lived his life for the club through blood, sweat and tears. He has no ol' lady just club bunnies who fill his itch he needs to scratch. Star dances into his life on his thirtieth birthday as the stripper to make all his dreams come true. Little does he know he has the baddest bitch he'll ever find taking her clothes off for him!

Star has ran from who she really is, Winter Belov, Russian mafia royalty princess, so when she is up on the pole shaking her ass for the rowdy crowd of Breakneck MC, she is terrified to fall back into the life she so desperately tried to leave behind. She desperately tries to stay away from Braxxon but he can't seem to leave her alone and she can't seem to get away from his magnetic pull.

"I haven't even seen him yet, but I want to spread my legs and beg his tongue to drip nasty words all over my core. Get it together, Winter; it's just a voice. Just words...."

Braxxon and Winter enter a mess of a relationship that has no limits. They are intense, strong willed, and beyond desperate for each other. There chemistry knows no bounds!

"I know that I'll never be the same ever again. Braxxon has seized me, and something tells me he isn't letting me go."

All hell breaks lose for Brax and Winter...
Winter gets kidnapped,
Winter gets raped...
Will Winter be Braxxon's hell's angel when he finally gets her back?

Can their relationship stand the turbulence it has endured in the short time they have been a couple? Or will what Winter and Braxxon go through be the end to their beginning?

"She's my Winter for my hottest summer days. She's the Angel for my hell. I will never leave her. She will have to do the leaving and even if she did leave, she'd still own ever single inch of me."

This book was beyond well written! Crystal Spears seized me from page one. She is graphic and emotional and not afraid to hold anything back!! I would give this breakneck story 5 TURBULENT stars! It is a story not for the faint at heart but more for the reader who wants a story that will get your heart beating, your blood boiling, and your palms sweating!

AMAZING WRITING, AMAZING STORY, AMAZING FREAKIN' AUTHOR! <----GO pick up your copy of this book if you haven't already because trust me, it will blow your mind!!


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